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What are the rules to sell bitcoins?

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Being a Paxful vendor can be very profitable if a few basic rules can be followed.

  1. You as a Vendor accept any and ALL Risks and liability for trading. It is up to you to protect yourself.
  2. No brokering is allowed. This applies to gift cards especially.
  3. No off escrow trades allowed. No giving them your contact info for external communications, Paxful escrow must be used at all times else you will be banned. No exceptions.
  4. You must be responsive to buyers, if you are not at your computer then please click away status or take down all your offers. A low response score will reduce your sales dramatically as the system will send you far less business if you are not responsive to your buyers chat messages.
  5. You must maintain a civil tone with your customers at all times. No foul language or abusive tone is allowed.
  6. You must have full offer terms in simple short bullet points. Your buyers should know what they must provide and your terms for dealing with them. Be concise and accurate and use bullet points.
  7. You must have full simple trade instructions of exactly what you want them to do. Use bullet points and keep it short and sweet.
  8. Provide your customers with helpful aids and examples if necessary. For example if you require them to upload a selfie with photo id then put a example picture (with face and details blurred out.

Stick to the above rules and you will make a very profitable living on Paxful.

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