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Vendor Tips for Customer Satisfaction

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The secret to success on Paxful is responsiveness, professionalism and good manners!

This means more traffic, more successful sales and more repeat buyers.Here are a few Tips for maximum customer satisfaction which means repeat buyers and good feelings!

  1. Be Responsive: When a customer shows up say “Hi” and let them know you are ready to trade and help them. For example “Hi, I am ready to help you, please follow the instructions and you can have your bitcoins in no time!“.  Hardly sounds like something you need to mention to any sane merchant but you’d be surprised how many Vendors leave their offers up and take a nap… or don’t think that responding to buyers is necessary; that they should just read the instructions or wait for them for a half hour. 50% of canceled trades are due to an unresponsive vendor. Take your offers down if you cannot respond and if you cannot be responsive then you shouldn’t be on Paxful. Pretty simple but this one rule can increase your business by 50% at least!
  2. Clear and Short Offer TERMS. This is what you as a vendor expect from the customer to complete the purchase. The buyers see this BEFORE the order begins. It could be things like uploading an ID, uploading a cash receipt, telling them they need to have a Physical gift card etc.. There are already many offer tags for the most common terms but custom TERMS must be clear and concise. You should use bullet points and be as short as possible and cut out any and all unnecessary text. Here is where you can lose 50% of your possible sales or gain them as 50% of all missed sales are because of unclear or overly wordy offer terms. Clear offer terms also help cut down disputes and give you a much better standing with Paxful moderators during a dispute. Something as simple as this equals to very real money. Never ever leave this blank and do not go over 3 bullet points to keep it optimal. Buyers will just skip you and find someone else otherwise.
  3. Clear and Simple Trade INSTRUCTIONS. This is what you expect them to do to fully pay you. Use bullet points and make it STEP BY STEP. DO NOT ever leave this blank and just sit around waiting for them to chat you or your offer will be taken down and you will LOSE ALL DISPUTES! Write it clearly and as briefly as possible and you will get more successful trades and Paxful moderators will be on your side.
  4. Be Polite: Another no brainer but sadly some folks in crypto-land don’t think they need to be nice or even barely civilized. If you are taking a rude or condescending tone with people then it is best you do not do business here. We get many newbies and non-tech people that are intimidated enough as it is without being scared away by bad manners and grumpy vendors.
  5. Follow the Rules: You may think giving your contact info to buyers and asking them to contact you any time is good business but it is against out TERMS OF SERVICE for a reason. Escrow exists to protect buyers from bad vendors and being scammed offsite. There is plenty of business for everyone.
    1. No sharing contacts or off-site communications
    2. No off escrow trading
    3. No Ripping. You and all vendors accounts associated with you will be PERM BANNED.
    4. No Brokering. This means no buying gift card codes elsewhere and reselling them here. You will lose disputes each and every single time and be suspended.




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