Negotiating the Price in Trade

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Please be cautious of traders that try and negotiate the different price from the offer during a trade.

This is a tactic that some scammers use on both sides – buying or selling. Either asking a buyer to pay more and promising to send a higher amount of bitcoin or from the other side, a buyer promising to send another payment after the bitcoins are released from escrow, or if the buyer is the offer owner and suggesting to pay less than offer price.

Fake advertising on Paxful is considered as market manipulation.

This kind of actions is NOT allowed on Paxful, this is to protect our users. The escrow is there for a reason, it makes sure that the bitcoins are kept safe and transferred to the buyer once the payment is made. It also protects the seller, bitcoins will only be sent once they have confirmed payment has been received.

We do not allow this kind of activities on Paxful, users doing this for whatever reason will be suspended.

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