Is Paxful wallet secure?

3107 views April 29, 2017 May 8, 2017 ray 79

Yes. It is as secure as your password, so use a good one. Our servers are very well guarded up to the highest banking specifications. 2-factor extra protections can be enabled when logging in, sending out bitcoins or in trade releasing bitcoins to buyer as a seller. We currently support Google Authenticator, Authy and SMS based 2-factors. Please also beware of phishing websites. Always make sure you are on https://paxful.com before entering in any account details. Paxful support will NEVER ask for your account details such as username or password in any way, not over email or chat. Paxful has NO SKYPE SUPPORT! Never send bitcoin or account details to anyone! Paxful support will never ask you to send bitcoin or account details. Paxful has no app on iPhone or Android so never download any Paxful apps as they are malware and contain viruses. It is up to you to protect your account. Paxful can not control phishing websites as even PayPal has 18000 phishing websites and it is impossible to take them all down.

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