Selling bitcoin FAQ

How to start selling bitcoins?

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To start selling bitcoin on Paxful you need to create an offer.

Go to our Create Offer page.

Fill in all the required details and fund your wallet for the offer to become visible to the public. Read more about how to write good offer terms and trade instructions.

Once the trade starts the bitcoins will automatically move to escrow. Once the trade is funded the buyer must complete a payment within your specified payment window time.

After the buyer has completed a payment please verify it and release bitcoins to them. Trade is successfully completed!

During the trade, both you and buyer will be guided with simple process steps to easily complete the trade. Moreover, you have a private chat for that trade with a trading partner for communication and ability to upload/download attachments for proof of payment.

In case there are any disagreements between you and the buyer, please click the dispute button and a moderator will come and solve the issue. Please be ready to provide proof upon request.

Hint: For your offers to be visible you need to have enough in your account to cover the minimum trade amount in your offer.

For more information on how to become a vendor check this article.

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