How to secure my account and activate 2FA?

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Bitcoin is a super secure technology but the way we use it often isn’t.

Hackers are always looking to take your bitcoins because once they have them you cannot reverse it, just like cash. Good news is with just a few simple moves you can stay safe!


Hackers often hack your email account (gmail) and use that to reset your Paxful password, they login and send out your bitcoins. This is what happens 99% of them time and people have no idea. With 2FA it becomes easy to stop because there is an additional layer of security to overcome so even if they know your password they cannot login and cannot get your bitcoins.

2FA can be done through SMS text message or via Google Authenticator or Authy, We suggest Google Authenticator.

First download the Google Authenticator app. Iphone Android

Second Turn on 2 FA on Paxful here  and scan the code with your phone.

You can use 2Fa for Login AND bitcoin send outs. Just bring up the app and get the code every time to login or send out.


Always use a good password on your paxful account and your email account that is linked to it. Don’t waste time on complicated passwords that you can never remember. The best password is one that, you pick your favorite song, and sing the chorus, but just use the first letter of each word. Easy to remember, and hard for all forms of password cracking, especially if it is pretty long.


If you want bitcoin and are paying with paypal then vendors will often ask for your ID to make sure you are not a scammer so it is normal to show them your ID as they are at risk however if you are a vendor and a buyer asks for your email address, phone or any such info refuse them immediately  and report them on their profile page, they may be attempting a social engineering hack.

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