How to enable 2FA – 2 factor Authentication with Google Authenticator?

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While 2Fa can be used with SMS text messages we HIGHLY  recommend you use Google Authenticator. SMS 2Fa is not secure because of “SIM Swapping” which is a tactic hackers can use to get your sms messages.

Step 1. First download the Google Authenticator app. Iphone or  Android

Step 2. Go to your profile on Paxful like shown below

Step 3. Once you see your profile page, click on security

Step 4. Under Login Authenticator, choose Google Authenticator

Step 5. Once you select Google Authenticator, you will see a barcode appear – you will have to open your Mobile App to scan it – and then enter the 6 digit number you phone will produce.

Step 6. Once you entered the 6-digit code, click update Login 2-Factor and you’re done! Congratulations!

You can use 2Fa for Login AND bitcoin send outs. Just bring up the app and get the code every time to login or send out.

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