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How to Buy Bitcoin with an iTunes Gift Card ( Sell your iTunes Gift Card )

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Selling an iTunes Gift Card Code is now Paxful’s most popular way to buy bitcoins.

Step by Step Guide.

  1. Find someone who will buy your iTunes Gift card code and sell you bitcoins for it in exchange here.
  2. Click the big Green Start Bitcoin button. ( be sure to read the terms and follow tips below!!!)
  3. Follow instructions in the chat and click “I have followed instructions and paid” then wait for them to release bitcoins.
  4. Spend bitcoins in your Wallet.

Tips to make sure you have the best experience.

  1. Many vendors only accept codes with a RECEIPT showing it was bought with CASH so be sure to have a picture of it ready to upload.
  2. Most vendors only accept cards with a Denomination printed ON the card like $25 or $100. Many also do not go over a $100 card. Do not start a deal with them unless you read their TERMS and have the right kind of card.
  3. You cannot sell only a fraction of the card value ONLY the whole card value. For example if the card is $100 the vendor must take $100, not $24 or $50 or $89.50. The full amount of the gift card only!!
  4. ALWAYS read the TERMS of the deal before starting the trade and uploading the card.
  5. When you have uploaded the card be SURE to click the “I HAVE FOLLOWED INSTRUCTIONS AND PAID” button (if you are on mobile click Actions at the bottom and you will see it) and do not cancel the trade. If the vendor has seen the code and still asks you to trade and you know your card is good then click the DISPUTE button and wait for a moderator to come.
  6. BROKERING GIFT CARDS IS NOT ALLOWED on Paxful. It is against our TOS and can get you banned. Brokering means buying the card code from someone else. Only use codes you bought yourself.
  7. If you try and use a card twice on Paxful after you already sold the code you will be banned.

Once you have given the vendor the information just wait until they release the bitcoins. Once they do you will see a “success” message. Leave the vendor feedback and click on Wallet  and you will see the money available as bitcoins. You may use it right away.


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