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How to become an affiliate with Paxful?

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Earning bitcoin passively is now as easy as driving traffic to a link.

Signup for the Paxful Bitcoin Affiliate program and you will earn 2% off each sale. That is about 10 times as much as the next best program and it converts 5 times better than anything else out there thanks to our three step widget which makes buying bitcoin easy for even newbies.

Once you signup you will get an affiliate link which you can share anywhere, social media, email etc.. When someone clicks it they will be on the simplest possible path to getting their first bitcoins. Once they have completed the sale you will see it credited on your Paxful affiliate dashboard.

You will see the sales you have driven in real time and you can cash out your balance as bitcoin to your Paxful wallet at anytime and send the bitcoin anywhere or spend it.

You will continue to get paid for all the bitcoin this new user purchases from Paxful. The 2% you get of the total purchase comes from the buyer. Paxful takes 1% from the seller/vendor for all purchases. You will be making 200% what Paxful makes.

An affiliate program for recruiting vendors is coming soon.

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