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How to become a verified vendor?

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Paxful verified vendors enjoy many benefits:
  • Increased customer trust.
  • More traffic to your offers.
  • More trust from moderators and support.
  • The ability to start disputes right away. MAJOR!
  • A chance to try new Paxful features before anyone else.
  • Many more benefits are coming.
The requirements to become a Paxful Verified Vendor are:
  • A success score over 33%
  • A high RESPONSIVENESS score
  • Over 50 trades
  • 20+ partners
  • Must be a USA, Canadian, Australian or European Citizen. This is so we have legal recourse to prosecute for any fraud to protect our buyers and the reputation of Paxful and other verified vendors.
To become a Paxful verified vendor we need the following:
  1. A high-resolution picture of passport or ID FRONT and BACK. The photo should be of the ID only, please crop it yourself.
    A Selfie of you Holding your ID (front) and a piece of paper stating “Verifying my Vendor application at Paxful, Inc.
  2. Proof of address such as bank statement or utility bill. The actual letter, the envelope will NOT do, nor will any online documents. It must be printed.
  3. A video of yourself holding your ID FRONT Cleary in the video and stating the following
    “I submit my full legal identity documents to be a Verified Vendor on Paxful and accept all liability for my trades. I acknowledge that Paxful reserves the legal right to sue in criminal court for any stolen funds.”

Please submit your all necessary documents on your vendor dashboard. It can take up to seven days to process the application. Anyone faking documents will be banned instantly.

Thank you

-Paxful Team

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