Why has the amount of money in my wallet changed?

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You may have been confused about why suddenly the amount of money in your bitcoin wallet changes. Maybe you’ve sent out money to a different wallet or received funds into your wallet. You may be asking why is the price not the same.

Here’s why:

Firstly, there’s a miners’ fee with every bitcoin transaction. This is not something that Paxful charges you. It is a fee sending money between any different external wallets. Currently the miners fee is 0.0005 BTC

Why do you need to pay this? This is an incentive for the miners on the bitcoin blockchain to keep confirming transactions. With some wallets you can select a higher amount if you want your transaction to be prioritized.

When sending money from one user to another within Paxful, there is no fee. Paxful also doesn’t charge deposit fees.

Miners fee aside you may see some differences in your wallet balance due to the price changes. If you see the amount in your wallet in USD for example the amount will differ as the bitcoin price is very volatile. To make sure you have the correct amount in your wallet, always check the amount in BTC not USD.

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