What is Paxful Affiliate Program?
The Paxful Affiliate Program is an exciting opportunity for users to be rewarded for sharing their Paxful affiliate links with their friends and followers.

Every Paxful user has an affiliate link that can be found on the classic, vendor, and affiliate dashboards. When new users sign up using your affiliate link, you earn commissions. The program allows you to earn a 50% commission on the standard escrow fee every time one of your direct affiliates makes a “buy” transaction and a 10% commission on the standard escrow fee when your direct affiliates’ affiliates make a “buy” transactionThe escrow fee is calculated as 1% in all affiliate payouts, except the cases where the affiliate fee is lower than 1%. If the escrow fee is lower than 1%, the affiliate fee is calculated based on the lower fee.

How to become a Paxful Affiliate?
All Paxful users have their affiliate links on their affiliate dashboards. You don't need to sign up to become an affiliate, you can start using your link as soon as you sign up Paxful
Tier 1: Affiliates who sign up directly through your link are considered Tier 1 affiliates.

Tier 2: Affiliates who sign up through one of your Tier 1 affiliates’ affiliate links are considered your Tier 2 affiliates.

We collect an escrow fee from every trade. You earn a commission from the standard escrow fee (1%) we collect, anytime one of your Tier 1 or Tier 2 affiliates successfully completes a trade on Paxful. The commission structure is as follows:


Tier 2: You receive 10% of our standard escrow fee for successfully completed “buy” trades by this user. 

 Note: The escrow fee is calculated as 1% in all affiliate payouts, except the cases where the affiliate fee is lower than 1%. If the escrow fee is lower than 1%, the affiliate fee is calculated based on the lower fee.

ブログ、ウェブサイト、Google 広告、Yandex.Direct、YahooやBingの広告、モバイルアドネットワーク、YouTubeチャンネルやその他の主要なエンターテイメントまたは金融プラットフォームなど、あなたに有利に働く可能性のある多数のソースが存在します。


Paxful has worldwide benefits and can be used virtually anywhere with internet access, so it is really up to you what markets you want to target - local, regional, national, or otherwise! Currently, most of our users are from the U.S., while Africa and Asia are our fastest-growing markets.

Earnings typically get credited to your affiliate wallet instantly after your affiliate's trade completes. Once your affiliate wallet balance reaches the bitcoin amount which equals $10, you can transfer the bitcoin balance from your affiliate wallet to your Paxful wallet.




You can view your earnings on your vendor dashboard and your affiliate dashboard.

  • Creating new accounts to redirect existing trade activity accounts on the Paxful platform that benefits from the Paxful Affiliate Program in any form. You are only allowed to have one account.
    Using spam of any type to attract referrals.
  • あなたが所有するドメインから会社のドメインにリダイレクト(転送)すること。
  • Paxful、、それらのすべての派生語、またはこれらのフレーズのスペルを誤って記述したブランドクエリ用の広告を購入すること。
  • 多数のクライアントを誘致するために虚偽の情報を公開すること、または何らかの方法でクライアントの誤解を招くこと。
  • Paxfulブランドを宣伝する目的で競合他社のブランドクエリを使用し、それを広告内で他のブランドと比較したり、不当に他のブランドの悪い面を強調して見せること。
  • Paxfulアフィリエイトプログラムで収益を得るために何らかの形で詐欺行為を行うこと。
  • 被紹介者に手数料やその他のインセンティブを提供し、あなたのアフィリエイトリンクを使って登録する機会を提供すること。
  • 詳細情報は、アフィリエイト利用規約をご覧ください。
Can I still get a commission from users who registered on Paxful without using my affiliate link?
Absolutely! Paxful is one of the easiest ways in the world for anyone, anywhere to buy or sell cryptocurrency. Your followers can sign up using your affiliate link and start buying or selling crypto within minutes! For buying and selling cryptocurrency on our platform, check out the "Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency" section of our Help Center. For more information about buying and selling cryptocurrency, please see our Terms of Service.