Why Did I Lose a Gift Card Dispute?

As a buyer, you could lose your dispute due to any of the following reasons:

  • Not providing valid evidence requested within the time frame given to you
  • 自分がギフトカードの元の所有者であることを証明できなかった。 当社はご自身で購入していないカードの売却を推奨していません。 No brokering of gift cards is allowed
  • Selling a used or invalid gift card
  • The evidence provided was insufficient 
  • A violation of the other party’s offer terms and/or trade instructions
  • Failing to provide proof of payment, not responding to the seller or otherwise being inactive in the trade after clicking "Paid" (please note that in these cases, your dispute may be decided in under 12 hours)
  • Other violations of Paxful’s Terms of Service

Warning: Some of these reasons could lead to you being permanently banned from our platform.

Supporting the trade of gift cards for a cryptocurrency is complicated. The guidelines we follow are to protect the Paxful community when a gift card trade is disputed.

As a seller, you could lose your dispute due to any of the following reasons:

  • You redeemed a valid gift card and did not release the cryptocurrency
  • A violation of the offer terms and/or trade instructions
  • Suspicious trade activity
  • You provided insufficient, false, or edited evidence
  • Other violations of Paxful’s Terms of Service


Paxfulはギフトカードサービスから最小限のサポートしか受けていませんが、ギフトカードに関する議論を解決するために徹底的な調査を実施しています。 議論に突入したら、ご自身がカードの所有者であることを証明できるようにしておく必要があります。 あなたがギフトカードの元の所有者ではない場合、そのギフトカードの有効性を証明するのは非常に困難です。 For this reason, sellers of cryptocurrency are highly favored in such disputes. 


  • A photo of the original gift card with your Paxful trade chat clearly visible in the background
  • A complete photo of the original receipt (no cut-offs)
  • For electronic codes (e-codes), an invoice of the original payment and video recording of your bank statement as proof of purchase
  • Proof of conversation with the gift card issuing company’s customer support
  • Any additional evidence as required by Paxful (Example: ID Verification)

Note: Gift card disputes may take up to three weeks to resolve. 議論を直ちに解決するには、モデレーターの指示に従い、取引チャットにすぐに応答することが重要です。 Here’s a detailed article about the dispute process.

As per our Terms of Service, we remind you that Paxful is not a licensed gift card vendor nor an authorized dealer of any gift card issuer - and brokering or reselling gift cards is strictly prohibited on our platform. Paxful understands that gift card disputes can be quite challenging and we are continuously working towards solutions to make the trading experience safe and secure for all our users.