• What is the Paxful Pay PoS?

    Paxful Pay PoS is a payment solution for brick-and-mortar stores to accept payments in crypto. Merchants can also track store sales through Paxful Pay PoS.

  • How do I share Paxful Pay PoS with my staff?

    Each store has a unique link and PIN code to share with staff so they have access to Paxful Pay PoS and can serve customers.

    The link and the PIN code should be copied by a merchant and shared with staff at the merchant’s discretion.

  • What is the payment process for Paxful Pay PoS?
    1. A buyer visits a merchant’s brick-and-mortar store and wants to buy goods.
    2. A cashier logs in to Paxful Pay PoS.
    3. The cashier creates an order.
    4. The buyer pays the order using their Lightning BTC wallet.
    5. The order’s invoice is paid.
    6. Funds are credited to the merchant’s Paxful user account (in BTC or USDT by merchant’s choice).
  • How do conversions work with Paxful Pay PoS?

    Merchants can choose to receive payments in USDT. To do this, they need to contact the Paxful support team. From there, the merchant will see a respective option within Paxful Pay PoS:


    Conversion process:

    1. Buyer pays in BTC.
    2. Merchant receives BTC into their Paxful user account.
    3. BTC is auto-converted into USDT.
    4. Merchant receives the USDT equivalent of the paid BTC invoice into their Paxful user account.
    5. If the conversion service is down, the merchant will be paid in BTC.
  • How do I add a new store to Paxful Pay PoS?

    To add a new store to Paxful Pay PoS:

    1. Log into the app with your Paxful credentials.
    2. Select Create Your First Store.
    3. From there, you can enter the store name, location, and icon.
    4. After adding the store, it will be displayed within the app with a unique store link and auto-generated PIN code to be shared with staff.
    5. Note: You can add as many stores as you want to Paxful Pay PoS.
  • Are there any fees involved with Paxful Pay PoS?
    • Service fee: 0%
    • Conversion fee (from BTC to USDT): 0.5%

    Note: These fees are subject to change.

  • Can I set a tax rate for my store?

    Yes. Merchants can set a tax rate for their store through Paxful Pay PoS.



    Once the tax is applied, it is auto-calculated for each order that is created within this store. Example:

    • Order amount: 10 USD
    • Tax rate: 25%
    • The order tax: 10*25/100=2.5 (USD)
    • Total order amount: 10 USD


    The tax information will be included in the order history:


    Note: Taxes are currently being calculated for informational purposes and are not being added to the total order amount.

  • Order pricing in local currencies

    For orders created in BTC it is possible to also show the equivalent amount in a local currency. 

    1. Log into the app with your Paxful credentials.
    2. Select the Store’s settings
    3. From there, you can choose your local currency


    If a currency other than USD is selected, then orders can only be placed in BTC.