• Paxful bitcoin kiosk
    What is Paxful virtual kiosk?
    The virtual kiosk is a special interface allowing you to buy bitcoin peer-to-peer with a step-by-step process.
    How does it work?
    The widget can be configured by every Paxful user after configuring the Kiosk. Buyers who buy bitcoin through the Kiosk use offers from vendors and the widget owner normally receives a 2% bonus on every purchase.
    What are the different configuration options?
    The widget can be configured to show all offers, specific payment method offers or a specific offer. The Kiosk can be configured to deposit bitcoin to either the buyer or to any outside external BTC address.
    What are the maximum and minimum payments possible?
    The minimum trade amount is 10 dollars (also in other currencies). There is no direct limitation to the purchase sizes, but for large sums, a vendor can request additional KYC procedures.
    How much do I get paid, how often and how?
    You get 2% of the total volume from each trade that takes place through the Kiosk.
    How do I track my earnings?
    Every time a trade completes successfully you can track your earnings from your Kiosk Dashboard. On each successful transaction, you will get an email and your Kiosk balance will rise.
    How often do I get paid?
    You will earn a fee each time a trade is made in real-time. It goes straight to your Kiosk balance.
    How much control do I have? Do my visitors ever leave my site?
    The Kiosk link can be configured to open in a new tab OR can be configured to open inside an iframe. You can set it up to be embedded as an iframe right into pages so that visitors never leave your website. As a part of the process, the buyers will need to register as Paxful users.
    How is the money paid out?
    Your earnings are stored as bitcoin in your Kiosk account. You can also sell on Paxful for a fee to bitcoin buyers, making even more!
    How flexible is it? Can I set it only for certain currencies?
    You will be able to specify a starting currency. Even if you don't select a currency, it will be auto-selected based on a visitor’s location with 99% accuracy.
    I am a Paxful vendor, can I use this as a checkout on my site that goes right to my offers?
    Yes! Paxful checkout can easily be made to show only your offers if you pass your offer ID as an argument and only your specific offer will be shown. It will basically serve as an escrow plugin for your site and your customers won't ever think they left your website. Refer to our developer docs how to customize the widget.
    Can I customize the look and feel?
    You have total control over the link or button that launches the Paxful widget. You will be able to customize the look and feel to match your site or app. Text color, background color and the Kiosk name.
    How much can I hope to earn? And how do I know?
    How much you can earn depends on the kind of traffic your site gets and how many purchases take place.
    I am a Paxful vendor, can I use this as a checkout on my site that goes right to my offers?

    Yes, you can set up the Kiosk with your own offers. Paxful Bitcoin Kiosk's goal is to increase awareness of bitcoin by spreading a Paxful simple 3 step widget for buying bitcoin. If you want to make 2% extra on your offers, you should simply increase your margin. Kiosk link works only on https://paxful.com/roots/buy-bitcoin/index URLs. For extra customizations of the wizard read our developer docs.

    I have a bitcoin startup and my users need bitcoin. Can I use this as a tool for our users to buy bitcoin?
    Yes. Paxful’s Kiosk is the ideal solution for you. By setting up our Kiosk on your exchange, you deliver a quick and easy fiat on-ramp for your customers.
  • Buying bitcoin with Virtual Kiosk

    Paxful is the leading peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplace delivering financial freedom to all corners of the world. Our Kiosk extends this freedom to digital currency exchanges to help their customers fund their accounts with bitcoin. What’s more? You earn automatic affiliate revenue on all purchases made by new customers you bring to Paxful.

    Go to our bitcoin kiosk page and click See it in action for a quick interactive walkthrough to help you understand how it all works. This will get you up to speed in no time.