• Paxful Mobile Wallet

    The Paxful Mobile Wallet is out both for Android and iOS. The Paxful Bitcoin Wallet App makes it easy to send, receive and store Bitcoin with your own personal mobile cryptocurrency wallet. The Bitcoin Wallet App is also the ultimate companion tool to Paxful, one of the world’s biggest peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplaces.

    Use the Paxful wallet to:

    • Send and receive Bitcoin in your own private cryptocurrency wallet that lets you transact with anyone at anytime, anywhere.
    • Safely store your hard-earned bitcoin and check your balance in real-time.
    • Track your open trades on Paxful so you know the current status of your most recent transactions as you buy and sell Bitcoin.
    • Share your bitcoin wallet address or QR code with other traders and friends.
    • Personalize your Paxful wallet profile so people you transact with know it’s you.
    • Get updated bitcoin-to-fiat conversion rates at your convenience. 

    So, are you ready to send, receive and store your Bitcoin in a more effective, smarter and faster way? Download the Paxful Bitcoin Wallet now from Google Play Store or App Store to put the power of Paxful in the palm of your hand!


  • Mobile app overview

    You can check our video or read the information below.

    Here is a quick guide on the main functionalities of the Paxful Bitcoin Wallet.


    Receive bitcoins.

    1. Click on the "Receive" button. 

    2. A unique QR code and wallet address will be generated.

    3. Scan the QR code or copy the address to Clipboard to have bitcoins sent to your Paxful Wallet.

    Send bitcoins.

    1. Click on the "Send" button.

    2. Insert the bitcoin address or scan QR-code and click send.

    3. Enter the amount.

    4. Click on "Review transaction" and check the following information:

    • sending amount

    • network fee

    • total amount including fee (sending amount+network fee)

    • recipient wallet address

    5. Slide to the right to send bitcoins.

    Insert 2FA code if this option is enabled.

    6. You will receive a clear message: "BTC is on the way to recipients wallet".

    Buy and Sell bitcoins.

    a) 1. Click on the "Buy" button.

    b) 1. Click on "Trades".

    2. Click on "Go to Paxful website".


    You will be guided to Paxful web page.



    Make the necessary changes to your account: set 2FA security, change PIN, password or preferred currency.



    Share your affiliate link.



    Check your latest notifications directly from Mobile App.


  • Get started with mobile app

    Once you have downloaded Paxful Mobile App, you can register your account, log in and start trading on Paxful. 

    How to register?

    Step 1

    Open Paxful Bitcoin Wallet App. Click on "Create Account".




    Step 2

    Insert your email and create a password.


    Step 3

    To confirm click "Create Account".


    Step 4

    Check your email inbox or incoming SMS for the code. Insert the code into the app. 


    Step 5

    Set pin for quick access.


    Step 6

    Re-enter pin.


     Now you are ready to use Paxful Mobile Wallet!


  • How to install Paxful Mobile Wallet in China?

    Want to use Paxful Mobile Wallet on Android in China? You are facing internet restrictions to access Google Play? Here are the steps you can take to install our Mobile Wallet successfully.

    Step 1

    Install a VPN on your device.

    A lot of VPN provider websites are blocked in China. However, the main providers have created “mirror” websites (exact copies of the website with a different URL) that are accessible.

    Below is a list of the links to the mirror sites of some of the main VPNs:

    Please note: Do not buy a VPN until you check if it works in China!

    Step 2

    Download Google Play and get the newest version of our app.

    1. Go to the Google website. Here is the link.
    2. Download Google Play App on your mobile device.
    3. Search in Google Play Market for Paxful Bitcoin Wallet or go to our website. 

    Once you have installed our secure and convenient trading mobile app, please feel free to ask any additional questions to our Customer Experience Team or explore our FAQs.


  • Report a problem in Mobile Wallet

    Paxful Bitcoin Wallet is supported by Instabug.

    In order to make a report, shake your phone, select "report a problem" on the pop-up screen, make a screenshot, add necessary comments and send. Our Technical Support Team will look into the issue as soon as possible.