• What is Pay with Paxful

    Pay with Paxful is a button you can put on any shopping cart or app that lets buyers pay without bank accounts or credit cards.

    To add the “Pay With Paxful” button, go to your Merchant Dashboard (sign up to be a merchant here.) and you will see a “Customize Your Merchant Link” button. It should give you a shortcode that you can have embedded on your e-commerce website or app.

    You’ll then be able to see your sales pile up on your Merchant Dashboard.

  • How secure is Pay with Paxful?

    The Pay with Paxful button uses our secure escrow system and battle-tested platform. Your buyers are safe.

    You, as a merchant, are safe as Paxful uses a secure token system to prevent phishing and protect buyers as well as the merchant. To enable automatic send outs to your bitcoin address, you must use our secure token system. Please refer to our developer page.

    Your earnings go straight to you via your bitcoin payment processor.

  • Expected earnings with Pay with Paxful and how to track them

    How much you can earn depends on how much traffic you get and stuff you sell.

    Every time a sale completes successfully you will get an email and you will see your balance rise on your merchant dashboard.

  • How much control do I have? Do my visitors ever leave my site?

    Your visitors never leave your website. If you choose to use a link, the Paxful window opens up as an iframe in all browsers (except Chrome in which opens up as a new window).

    You will also be able to have it embed as an iframe right into pages. They will not think they have left your site as there will be no indication that they are using another service.

  • How easy is this to use really?

    A single link is all you need. You get your merchant link when you register above. It can be customized and will launch an iframe or a new window where the customer will pay for your items or service using any of 300 payment options. You will get bitcoin straight to your bitcoin payment processor or wallet address.

  • Can I customize the look and feel?

    You have total control over the link or button that launches the Paxful widget. We will be introducing online customization tools going forward to give you even more control.

  • How flexible is it?

    You will be able to customize the look and feel to match your site or app. Text color, background color, logo and so on.