• What is the Paxful Affiliate Program?

    The Paxful Affiliate Program is an exciting opportunity for users to be rewarded for sharing their Paxful affiliate link with their friends and followers.

    Every Paxful user has an affiliate link which can be found on the classic, vendor and affiliate dashboards. When new users sign up using your affiliate link, you earn commissions. The program allows you to earn a 50% commission on the escrow fee every time one of your direct affiliates makes a trade and a 10% commission on the escrow fee when your direct affiliates’ affiliates make a trade.

  • How many tiers are in the Paxful Affiliate Program?

    You are not limited to earning money through your direct affiliates. Instead, there are two tiers in the Paxful Affiliate Program -- one direct (Tier1) and one indirect (Tier 2):

    Tier 1: Affiliates who sign up directly through your link are considered Tier 1 affiliates.

    Tier 2: Affiliates who sign up through one of your Tier 1 affiliates’ affiliate links are considered your Tier 2 affiliates.

  • What is the commission structure for each tier of the program?

    We collect an escrow fee from every trade. You earn commissions from the escrow fee we collect, anytime one of your Tier 1 or Tier 2 affiliates successfully completes a trade on Paxful. The commission structure is as follows:

    Tier 1: You receive 50% of our escrow fee for successfully completed trades by this user

    Tier 2: You receive 10% of our escrow fee for successfully completed trades by this user

  • Where do I find my affiliate link?

    You can view your earnings on your classic dashboard, vendor dashboard, and affiliate dashboard.

  • What content and advertising sources are the best ways to attract traffic to my affiliate link?

    There are many different sources that can work to your advantage, including your blog, your website, Google AdWords, Yandex. Direct, Yahoo/Bing ads, mobile ad networks, YouTube channels, and other major entertainment and financial platforms.

    Social media is also a great way to promote your affiliate link. It is a good idea to use track ID’s for all the different promotions you do, so you can observe what works best for you and learn from that.

  • What countries should I target when looking for referrals?

    Paxful has worldwide benefits and can be used virtually anywhere with internet access, so it is really up to you what markets you want to target - local, regional, national or otherwise! Currently, most of our users are from the U.S., while Africa and Asia are our fastest growing markets.

  • Affiliate earnings

    So, when do I get paid?

    Earnings typically get credited to your affiliate wallet instantly after your affiliate's trade completes. Once your affiliate wallet balance reaches the bitcoin amount which equals to $10, you can transfer the bitcoin balance from your affiliate wallet to your Paxful wallet.

    Once the balance of your bitcoin Affiliate Wallet reaches a total lifetime value of $300, you will be required to submit identity and address verification.

    Pro Tip: You can sell your bitcoin earnings on our platform for additional profit!

    Where can I view my affiliate earnings?

    You can view your earnings on your classic vendor dashboard and your affiliate dashboard.

  • Where can I view my custom track ID’S?

    You can view your track ID’s on your affiliate dashboard.

  • What is not allowed?
    • Using spam of any type to attract referrals.
    • Using redirects (forwarding) from your domain to the company domain.
    • Buying advertising for branded queries: Paxful, paxful.com or any of their derivatives, or any misspelled versions of these phrases
    • Publishing false information in order to attract more clients, or misleading clients in any way
    • Using branded queries of other competitor companies for advertising the Paxful brand and comparing it with other brands in ads, or unjustifiably showing other brands in a bad light
    • Using any form of fraud in order to gain profit in the Paxful Affiliate Program
    • Offering referrals the opportunity to register using your affiliate link for a fee or some other incentive
  • How often are statistics updated on Affiliate Dashboard?

    Statistics are updated in near real-time on your Affiliate Dashboard.

  • Can I still get commission from users who registered on Paxful without using my affiliate link?

    Affiliate commissions can only be earned from users who signed up through your unique affiliate link.

  • Can I create custom affiliate links for tracking purposes?

    Yes. On your dashboard, you can create unique trackable links in the ‘track ID’ section.

  • Why do some of my referrals make dozens of trades while others have only registered without making a single trade?

    Different users have different needs. Some may want to make their first bitcoin purchase on Paxful and hold it for months or even years, while others will keep using the platform to buy or sell bitcoin. The activity level of your users may also depend on what content you create to refer them and who you’re targeting.

  • I have a bitcoin-related social media channel and my followers are interested in buying or selling bitcoin. Should I recommend Paxful as a way to do so?

    Absolutely! Paxful is one of the easiest ways in the world for anyone, anywhere to buy or sell bitcoin. Your followers can sign up using your affiliate link and start buying or selling bitcoin within minutes! For buying and selling bitcoins on our platform see  “How to Buy and Sell’. For further details about buying and selling please see our general terms of service.