• How to create an account on Paxful

    Creating an account on Paxful is extremely easy, and it comes with a free wallet 

    The Paxful journey starts with a simple decision: deciding whether or not to create an account. The question to that is: are you ready to have money, your way?

    If you think that you’re ready, then the next step is to create your account. Creating your account is extremely easy and very beginner-friendly. Upon registering, you also get a free wallet to store all the bitcoins you’ve earned from trading on Paxful. If you want a step-by-step tutorial of how to make your account, Paxful school is here to help:


    If you have any other questions, feel free to explore the knowledge base of Paxful, message the live chat available on the website, or send us a message on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

  • My public profile

    Your public profile contains a summary of your account and your Paxful account’s history.

    Remember that your public profile is open to other Paxful users to check. With your public profile, other users would be able to see your:

    • Username
    • Profile picture
    • Verification - information if your email and/or phone is verified, information if you were verified as seller.
    • Reputation - a number of positive, negative, and neutral feedback.
    • Active offers
    • Number of trade partners
    • Trade volume (how much BTC you’ve traded on Paxful)
    • Number of users that trust you
    • Number of users that have blocked you

    Along with that, your public profile will also show the date you joined Paxful. As you can see, your public profile will contain all the credentials you have earned on Paxful and will help other users decide if you are a safe trade partner.

  • Dashboard

    Your dashboard is the hub for all your bitcoin trading needs.

    The dashboard is your personalized tool for accessing all the information you need. There are 4 different types of dashboards, each having their own specific uses:

    Classic Dashboard

    This is the general/default dashboard where you’ll see your active trades, shortcuts for buying and selling bitcoins, two-factor authentication, and help pages. On this dashboard, you can also create and edit your offers, see your past trades, see the overview of your affiliates, and account activity.

    Vendor Dashboard

    On a vendor dashboard, you’ll be able to see your active trades, an overview of your affiliates, your sales charts, offer stats, feature requests, cancelled trade surveys results, and you’ll even be able to create and edit offers here. You can also verify your account further on this dashboard. This dashboard is useful when you want to see the statuses of all your trades.

    Merchant Dashboard

    This dashboard exclusively applies to users who are using the “Pay with Paxful” feature (sign up for this feature here). The Merchant Dashboard is where merchants can see their sales for today, yesterday, the last 7 days, and last 28 days. This dashboard will also show all the transactions that took place during using their merchant link.

    Affiliate Dashboard

    In a way, this is like the merchant dashboard but the dashboard is for the affiliate sales. This dashboard becomes available to you as soon as you sign up for Paxful’s affiliate program. On this dashboard, you can get your affiliate link to suggest your friends and colleagues to trade on Paxful. You also get to see all your affiliates and all the money you’ve earned from them completing trades.

  • Trusted/Blocked list

    Trusting and blocking users on Paxful is a way for you to filter who you do business with. 

    Aside from the many other indicators that can help you decide which users are safe or not, you can trust and block users that you have had previous experiences with.

    Trusting Users 

    Trusting users is a good way to stay connected with buyers/sellers that you’ve had good experiences with. For example, if you constantly find that a user trades efficiently with you, you can then trust that person and his or her offers will be prioritized. When creating offers, there are also options where you can only show your offer to your trusted buyers.

    Trusting is a way to make real connections with other traders but just like with real life, you have to be careful with who you trust on Paxful.

    Blocking Users

    If trusting users is the way to keep contact with good vendors/buyers, blocking is for the contrary. If you’ve had a bad experience trading with someone (e.g. it wasn’t as efficient as you’d hoped or someone ended up scamming you), you can block that person. If you block someone as a vendor, they will not be able to see your offers on their list. If you block someone as a buyer, you won’t be able to see their offers on your list.

    Blocking is a way to separate the bad apples from the honest users.

  • How to change phone number

    Changing a phone number on Paxful is extremely easy.

    To change a phone number, one should go to your account settings. Click “Change Number” and verify the reset link via email. Open the email and click on the link attached. That link will ask for the security questions. Note that the link will expire in 30 minutes.

    After successfully answering the security questions, the phone number will be removed and a new one can be set. If there are any issues answering the security questions, please contact support for help.

  • How to change my email address?

    Users cannot change their email on their own.

    On Paxful, users don’t have the power to change their email on their own. To change your email, you’ll need to contact support and they would need to do it for you.

    Once you contact support and request for an email change, you will be asked to verify the account ownership by asking questions, which will confirm you are the rightful account owner.

    These steps are to ensure the security of each user on Paxful.

    Email change

    Users only have the ability to make changes to their email within the first 7 days after registration by contacting support.

    Requests that do not meet this requirement will be rejected.

  • Account locked

    Your account has been locked for the security of other users.

    If for some reason you can’t access your account and see a message that it is LOCKED – there are two possible reasons:

    1. To further protect our users, we have enabled Geolocation lock on User Accounts. If you log in from any new location, you have to approve it through email to log in. If you are still unable to access your account or have not received an email with a link from Paxful, please let us know the error message or send us a screenshot so we can further check on your concern.
    2. We identified suspicious activity on your account, we may lock it for security purposes to prevent any criminal action on our platform. The account will be in compromised status until we confirm your ownership and identity.
  • What "a user has blocked you" means

    Being “blocked” on Paxful isn’t the worst thing.  

    If you ever get a message saying that a user has “blocked” you, don’t worry about it so much because your account works just fine. A user blocking you just means that they won’t see your ads on the offer page. They will have their own reasons but it won’t affect your standing on Paxful and it won’t affect your selling and buying of bitcoin. If this ever happens, just use your account normally. You can’t please everyone.

  • How to delete my account?

    As a financial service, we are obligated to keep all records and trading history.

    It’s unfortunate to hear that you want to delete your account. We must say that there is no option to completely delete your account but it is possible to deactivate it. For legal and compliance purposes, the Paxful team is required to keep all records and trading histories.

    To deactivate your account, you have to make sure that there is 0 balance on your account. After you’ve done that, you can submit a request to deactivate your account by going into your account security settings and clicking the “Delete Account” button.

    After clicking that button, you should receive an email confirmation with a link that you’ll have to click. Once you click that link, the request will be added to the queue and the moderators will approve or decline the request. Please be patient as this may take some time.

    After you submitted delete request, there must be no trading activity on the account.

    If the request is declined, the moderator will provide a reason via email.