• What is Bitcoin?

    Bitcoin is an online currency that can be sent to anywhere in the world using the internet, just like sending an email.

    To send or receive bitcoins, you’re going to need a bitcoin wallet. A bitcoin wallet is your very own online wallet where you can store all your hard-earned bitcoins. When you join Paxful, you get a safe, super simple bitcoin, and free wallet to use. The Paxful bitcoin wallet works with every other wallet. With every bitcoin wallet comes a wallet address. You can send your wallet address to people and they, in turn, can send bitcoins to your wallet. With your very own wallet, you can send, receive, and store bitcoin. You can also see all transactions just like your online banking.

    You can also use bitcoin to buy things online from stores that accept it as a payment method. Ever since its invention, there have been more and more businesses that accept bitcoin as payment so go try your luck, and the store you’re looking at might accept bitcoin. Imagine the convenience of doing all your business transactions online using a safe and reliable wallet like Paxful’s.

    The most challenging part of bitcoin is getting your first bitcoin. This may be even harder for you if you don’t have a bank account. Luckily, Paxful accepts over 300 methods of payment so look through them and see which one works best for you. At Paxful, you buy bitcoin from Paxful vendors which are people who sell their bitcoin at a profit. This is because they accept many different forms of payments like gift cards, Western Union, bank transfers, and much more. Getting your hand on some bitcoins has never been this easy! When you decide on a way to pay and find a good deal, then follow the instructions the vendor gives you and you will have bitcoins to your wallet in minutes.

    Once you’ve got your first bitcoin, be sure to secure your account with activating our 2-Factor Authentication or better yet, use Google Authenticator for a much more secure experience. With those in your hand, you are ready to bask in the glory of peer-to-peer finance!

    Paxful provides a safe marketplace where you can buy and sell bitcoins using over 300 payment methods! Read more about how to use our platform and keep on trading using Paxful!

  • What is Paxful?

    Paxful is a leading peer-to-peer finance platform for trading bitcoin.

    In 2014, Ray Youssef and Artur Schaback founded EasyBitz which was then renamed to Paxful. They had one goal in mind when they created it: to make bitcoin easier for everyone from businesses to merchants.

    A lot of big problems in the world revolve around money, specifically earning it and transporting it. Sending money around the world is not fast or cheap in any way, but Paxful changed that.

    Paxful is the leading peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplace where buyers and sellers are connected for business. Having over 300 payment methods available on Paxful makes it incredibly easy to find suitable offers. We give the users complete control over their money. Along with our escrow system and our dedicated 24/7 customer support, Paxful is also extremely secure if you know how to minimize the risk and know how to secure your account. Upon sign up, Paxful users are given a FREE wallet.

    The peer-to-peer system of Paxful removes borders and limits. You can think of your Paxful account as your very own financial passport. With it, you can send money and buy things from halfway around the world. Build a business with our affiliate program. 

    Our community has over 2 million users and it continues to grow. These users can make trading on Paxful extremely easy and hassle-free.  

    That is Paxful. Money Your Way!

    Create your very own Paxful account today!

  • How to create an account on Paxful

    Creating an account on Paxful is extremely easy, and it comes with a free wallet! 

    The Paxful journey starts with a simple decision: deciding whether or not to create an account. The question to that is: are you ready to have money, your way?

    If you think that you’re ready, then the next step is to create your account. Creating your account is extremely easy and very beginner-friendly. Upon registering, you also get a free wallet to store all the bitcoins you’ve earned from trading on Paxful. If you want a step-by-step tutorial of how to make your account, Paxful school is here to help:

    If you have any other questions, feel free to explore the knowledge base of Paxful, message the live chat available on the website, or send us a message on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

  • Payment methods

    There are over 300 ways to buy and sell bitcoins on Paxful.

    Here are some of our more popular payment methods:

    1. Buy bitcoins with Bank TransferCash Deposit
    2. Buy bitcoins with Online Wallets like PayPal, Skrill, Neteller
    3. Buy bitcoins with iTunes gift cards
    4. Buy bitcoins with Amazon gift cards
    5. Buy bitcoins doing local trades for Cash In-Person
    6. Buy bitcoins with altcoins like Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and so on.

    By clicking here, you can search for the ways you want to pay. All you have to do is input the amount of bitcoins you want to buy, the currency and the payment method you’ll be using. If you can’t find the payment method you’re looking for, you can always suggest one! It’s as simple as looking for a link that says “Your payment method doesn’t exist? Click here to suggest a new one”. 

    The “Give Me The Best” button will immediately connect you with a seller that is online. If you prefer to choose your offer, then just click “Search”. A list will then appear where you can choose your preferred offer. (Click here for tips on buying bitcoin).  

    The ways in which you can buy bitcoins are called “payment methods”.

    Each way you can buy bitcoin is called a “payment method”. You can find a list of all available payment methods here. This list is always growing as Paxful traders in the market are creating new payment methods all the time. Each payment method has it's own specifics and risk levels that you need to familiarize with before starting a trade. The peer-to-peer system that Paxful has, encourages this as it makes it easier to buy bitcoins. 

  • Terms of Service and user agreement

    View the latest Terms of Service and user agreement here

  • Paxful fees

    Buying Bitcoin

    • Paxful does not charge any fees to customers who are buying bitcoin.
    • When purchasing bitcoin from another customer on Paxful, you are buying bitcoin at a rate set by the customer themselves. These rates vary based on numerous factors such as your verification status, payment method, currency pair (such as USD, EUR, CNY), and order size.
    • Be sure to evaluate each offer that you choose when buying bitcoin. Tips on how to buy bitcoin can be found here.

    Selling Bitcoin

    • Paxful charges fees to customers who sell bitcoin.
    • The fee varies depending on the method of payment you accept for selling your bitcoin.
      • Gift Cards: 5% iTunes and Google Play. 1% for every other gift card.
      • Bank Transfers: 1%
      • Credit/Debit Cards: 1%
      • Digital Currencies: 1%
      • Online Transfers: 1%
      • Cash Deposits: 1%
    • This escrow amount is deducted from your paxful wallet at the beginning of the trade. Upon successful completion of the trade, Paxful receives the escrow fee. If the trade is not completed, i.e bitcoin is released from escrow back to the bitcoin seller, Paxful takes no fee.

     Sending Bitcoin

    • Paxful charges a flat send out fee of 0.0005 BTC for every sendout from the wallet to an external Bitcoin address.
    • This fee covers the associated miner fee and maintenance of our secure wallet infrastructure.
    • There are no fees if sending bitcoin to another Paxful customer.