Technical problems and solutions

  • Bitcoins not received after website maintenance

    All incoming transactions will be rebroadcasted and added to recipients' accounts. If the transaction was not deposited in 24 hours please contact support.

  • "Error uploading file"

    Getting an error when uploading file on the trade chat.

    We have a validation in place making sure that non-image files will not be uploaded. Also, this error can appear on a limited number of phones that are uploading an empty file.

  • IP address is banned

    A user is getting a prompt that IP is banned when trying to access the website.

    This means IP can no longer be used to access the website. The IP is highly likely been banned for being previously linked to fraudulent activity or the number of requests received from it exceeded normal limit.

    Your IP can also be from the banned counties list.

  • Email notifications not received

    A user is not receiving notifications.

    Go to your Account settings and check Notifications settings, you can set ticks for notifications you want to receive.

    If you are not getting notifications for trades but you are receiving all other notifications and notification settings are correct.

    Check the spam folder. Maybe their email provider like Gmail or Microsoft or anything else is blocking emails that contain certain words.

  • Bitcoins not received

    Incoming transaction already confirmed on blockchain but not showing on Paxful wallet.

    1. You sent transaction back to wallet from which you received your last Paxful transaction, which is not your Paxful wallet. 

    2. Could be an issue with BitGo - our partner service. Please contact support to escalate this issue to administrators for a closer investigation.

  • Error "Email must be a valid email address"

    Some users are getting this prompt on the create account section.

    Make sure there is no space before the email address. Or better to manually type your email in the "email" box and in the "repeat your email" box, do not copy and paste.

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  • What is API ?

    An API is for developers or businesses that want to create applications to connect with Paxful.

    Application programming interfaces (APIs) are a way to connect with Paxful even more. For more information, click here.