Technical Problems and Solutions

  • Why Did My Wallet Address Change?

    If you have noticed that your Paxful bitcoin wallet address has changed, it isn’t a technical error. This has happened as we have upgraded our bitcoin wallet service. Don’t worry—this was a planned update and everything is working as expected. Your old bitcoin address is still valid and your funds are safe.

  • Not Receiving Emails from Paxful

    If you’re not receiving emails from Paxful, here’s what you can do to fix this:

    • Ensure you have logged in to the correct email address which you used to register on Paxful.
    • Check your spam folder. Sometimes our emails could be sitting there.
    • Whitelist Paxful email addresses. Meaning, add our email addresses to your trusted list of senders. (The process may vary from one email service provider to another.)
    • Email addresses to whitelist:
    • Ensure that your email client or service provider is working normally.
    • Select a popular email domain if possible.

    Check out our security guide for more information on how to protect your Paxful account. If you receive a suspicious email from our company, read this article to find a solution.

  • Why Do I Receive "Unknown Bitcoin Address" Error Message?

    While sending bitcoin from Paxful wallet to an external wallet, you may receive a message: “Unknown bitcoin address”. This may happen due any to the following reasons:

    • You have entered an incorrect wallet address.
    • You have entered a non-existing wallet address.
    • You have entered an address that is not a Bitcoin network address.

    To resolve this error, do the following: 

    • Verify the wallet address you enter. 
    • Ensure you have entered a valid bitcoin address.
  • Trade Chat Not Opening

    Trade chat is not loading or initializing.

    To begin with, please clear the cache and cookies and try using a different browser. If this solution does not work, please check the status on Firebase. If the status is OK, please contact us for additional assistance via our contact form.

  • Invalid Parameters. Missing Bitcoin Address.

    After clicking the Send button on the wallet page an error message appears: "Invalid Parameters. Missing bitcoin address.".

    It means a bitcoin address is still being generated. Please contact us via support widget to generate a wallet address.

  • "Error Uploading File"

    Getting an error when uploading a file in the trade chat.

    In order to upload a file successfully, it needs to meet these requirements:

    • File formats accepted: jpeg, jpg, png, and pdf
    • Max 3 files can be uploaded simultaneously
    • The file max size is 300MB
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