Technical Problems and Solutions

  • Why do I receive "Unknown bitcoin address" error message?

    While sending bitcoins from Paxful wallet to an external wallet, you may receive a message: “Unknown bitcoin address”. This may happen due any to the following reasons:

    • You have entered an incorrect wallet address.
    • You have entered a non-existing wallet address.
    • You have entered an address that is not a Bitcoin network address.
    • You have entered a bech32 type wallet address.

    Note: Bech32 type also known as "bc1 addresses" are wallet addresses that start with bc1. Example: bc1qar0srrr7xfkvy5l643lydnw9re59gtzzwf5mdq.

    To resolve this error, do the following: 

    • Verify the wallet address you enter. 
    • Ensure you have entered a valid Bitcoin address.
    • Ensure the wallet address you entered is not a Bech32 address. 
  • Trade chat not opening

    Trade chat is not loading or initializing.

    To begin with, please clear cache and cookies and try using a different browser. If this solution does not work, please check status on Firebase. If the status is OK, please contact us for additional assistance via [email protected]

  • Invalid parameters. Missing bitcoin address.

    After clicking on the "Send" button on the wallet page an error message appears: "Invalid Parameters. Missing bitcoin address.".

    It means bitcoin address is still being generated. Please contact us via [email protected] to generate the wallet address.

  • Bitcoins not received after website maintenance

    All incoming transactions will be rebroadcast and added to recipients' accounts. If the transaction was not deposited in 24 hours please contact support.

  • "Error uploading file"

    Getting an error when uploading a file in the trade chat.

    In order to upload a file successfully, it needs to meet these requirements:

    • File formats accepted: jpeg, jpg, png, and pdf.
    • Max 5 files can be uploaded simultaneously.
    • The file max size is 5 MB.
  • IP address is banned

    A user is getting a prompt that IP is banned when trying to access the website.

    This means IP can no longer be used to access the website. The IP is highly likely been banned for being previously linked to fraudulent activity or the number of requests received from it exceeded the normal limit.

    Your IP can also be from the banned countries list.

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