Ethereum (ETH) FAQs

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is an open-source blockchain network where companies can build products on. Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency, after Bitcoin. Ethereum is also a network where ETH (Ethereum), USDT (Tether), and other cryptocurrencies transact on.

Who can trade Ethereum on Paxful?
Only ID-verified users can trade or convert Ethereum on Paxful. 
Note: Not everyone has access to ETH yet, but we're working on opening this up to everyone soon!
What are the fees for converting Ethereum?
For a full breakdown of Ethereum fees, check out this article.
Can my Ethereum transaction be cancelled or reversed?

Unfortunately, Ethereum transactions can’t be cancelled or reversed. For more information, check out this article

What is the minimum Ethereum I can sell, buy, or convert?
The minimum amount you can sell, buy, or convert is 10 USD.
How can I buy or sell Ethereum?

To buy or sell Ethereum as you would normally buy or sell Bitcoin in the marketplace: 

  1. Head to the buy and sell pages to see a list of the current Ethereum offers
  2. You can also create your own Ethereum offers (you just need to be ID verified)
  3. You can also convert your BTC or USDT into ETH in your Paxful wallet
How do I get my Ethereum wallet address?

Head to the Wallet tab and click Receive in the Ethereum section.

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