How can I lift a restriction on my payment method?

In an effort to help make the marketplace a safer environment, you’ll notice that we’ve limited payment methods you can use based on your location. Unfortunately, you can't create a new offer or start a new trade with this payment method. Any of your current offers with this payment method will also be deauthorized.

If you are temporarily living or traveling in a country where a payment method is currently restricted, but you have proof that the payment method belongs to you, please:

  1. Take a screenshot of the account that displays your name
  2. Provide proof that you are only temporarily in a restricted country, and proof of address or documentation from your country of origin
  3. Send us the screenshots of documents through the contact form. Please use “Trading” as the request type and select the following reason:


Once we get that screenshot, our team will take a look to see what we can do. 


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