How Can I Set Up a Corporate Account?

Registering a corporate account is an excellent opportunity for businesses trading on Paxful. In this article, you will find the benefits, minimum requirements, and the steps you have to follow to obtain a corporate account. 

What are the benefits of a corporate account?

A corporate account gives you the following benefits:

  • Ability to have trades worth more than 100,000 USD after approval.
  • Ability to have up to two alternative accounts.

What do I need to know before applying for a corporate account?

Here is a list of what you need to know:

  • You need to verify your username, email address, phone number, ID, and address.
  • Your organization must be a registered legal entity.
  • You must have documentation showing proof of incorporation.
  • You must provide a shareholder registry with the names and passport details of all people who own at least 10% of the business.
  • If you are planning to delegate the management of your corporate account to someone who is not a registered owner, be ready to provide us with their name, title, and passport details.
  • You must have documentation disclosing the origin of the company's funds.
  • For cryptocurrency or high-risk businesses, we require Enhanced Due Diligence. Enhanced Due Diligence includes answering additional information about your compliance practices and providing a copy of your AML policy.

How do I register for a corporate account?

Once your email address, phone number, ID, and address are verified, you can apply directly through the Account page of your Paxful account.


  • Once you've provided the required documents, we'll take up to seven business days to review your request. In some cases, it may take longer.

How do I know if my request is confirmed?

You'll receive a confirmation email and a corporate account badge will appear on your profile.

Feel free to contact our support team with any additional questions. Also, check out our article about the various verification levels on Paxful.


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