Buy bitcoins for cash

Buying bitcoins using “cash in person” method, just like any other payment method available on Paxful, is extremely easy and ideal for offers found near you.

The first step to buying bitcoins in person is to look for an offer that best suits you. When you click on “Buy Bitcoin”, input the currency you’ll be trading, how much you’ll be trading, and the payment method you’ll be using (in this case, it will be “cash in person”).

When you find the offer that suits you (looking at how much bitcoins you’ll be getting on the dollar and the reliability of the vendor), be sure to read the offer terms before starting the trade. This set of terms will give you a gist of the requirements you’ll be needing. In the case of cash in person, the offer terms should provide a brief list of meeting preferences.

Our recommendation is to prefer public places for cash trades.

After reading through the offer terms and confirming that you can comply with all the requirements, it’s time to start the trade. Once the trade has begun, a more specific set of instructions should appear for the meetup. If at any point during the trade you feel confused about the instructions, feel free to send a message to the vendor via trade chat. He/she should be able to help you with any confusion that you have.

Once all the details have been settled, it’s time to meet up with your vendor. Go to the specified location and give the cash to the vendor, who will then release the bitcoins to you. After you have successfully received the bitcoins, both you and the vendor should give feedback to each other after the trade is completed.

We can recommend giving your preference to vendors with good feedback for cash in person trades.

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