Selling bitcoins - Part I - register an account and start selling

Selling bitcoins on Paxful is not only easy, it’s also very safe. Learning how to use your wallet is the very first step.

This tutorial is going to explain the benefits, risks, and an overall step-by-step guide on how to sell bitcoins through Paxful. This guide was made to help you better understand the process involved and make you aware of some risks that you may face when selling your bitcoin on the site.


 If used correctly, there is a lot to gain by using our website. There are a lot of accounts that are managing to make significant profits by using Paxful and it is in the interest of the Paxful team to keep you informed on how you can gain from it as well.

Your Personal Bitcoin Wallet

Before you can start selling through Paxful, you must first top up your account with some bitcoins. To do this, log into the site then proceed to the link at the top, labeled as “Wallet”:


Wallet Balance & Address

Once you have clicked on this link and the page loads the content, you should see your balance and your personal bitcoin address:


If you are unsure about any of this, please click on “HELP USING WALLET” button. This will take you through the page to help you better understand the different parts of the page. If you believe you would like to go through this process, take a few seconds and run through the help tutorial. You can also access your wallet to send bitcoins from to any other bitcoin address.

Deposit & Wallet Address


On this page, you will also see a section that contains your bitcoin address. You can copy the address by using the button – as shown in the image – or by simply highlighting the wallet address and copying it manually. This address can be used to receive bitcoins from anywhere in the world. Think of it as your personal bank account number. Though unlike bank accounts, you can generate a new address every single time you want to receive more bitcoins.

Generate New Address (Optional)

If you do want to generate a new address – some people do this for better privacy or for personal record keeping purposes – then click on the down arrow next to “Copy address” then proceed to “Generate new address”.


Transactions & Addresses

Below this section, you will find another section outlining your transactions (buy/sell) and addresses you have used to receive bitcoins. You can explore these further once you have made a few transactions and/or received bitcoins to your account.


Transactions & Addresses

Once you receive your bitcoin, you will get both an email and website notification to confirm that your bitcoin has come through.



You are now ready to start selling!

You can now go to the SELL BITCOIN section by clicking on the down arrow/tab on the BUY BITCOIN button.


For more tips on how to be a good vendor on Paxful, click here.

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