Using Automated Trades for Gift Cards

Automated trades are specifically designed for trades using gift cards. This feature gives an opportunity to upload all necessary proofs of purchase and ownership before the actual trade starts. This guide will show how to use automated trade from both the cryptocurrency seller’s and cryptocurrency buyer’s perspectives.

Note: The automated trade experience is available for the following gift card types:

  • Amazon, eBay, Google Play, iTunes, Playstation, Steam Wallet, Xbox


Using Automated Trade as a Cryptocurrency Seller

Before a trade

To begin, simply create an offer as usual. Choose Gift Cards as a payment method and then select the specific gift card you want. The Preferred trade experience menu appears below. Click Automated trade to use the automated trade flow for your offer.


From there, finish creating your offer as you usually would.

Additionally, you can choose offer tags according to your needs, however, some offer tags will trigger certain corresponding changes to the offer flow. For more information on using offer tags in an automated trade, take a look at this article.



During a trade

Once a trade has started, the buyer will send you their gift card receipt in the trade chat for you to review.

If you would like to accept the receipt and start the trade, click Accept Receipt. From there, the buyer will be notified and they can share the gift card. If you don’t accept the receipt, you can also select Reject Trade, to cancel the trade.


  1. Once you’ve accepted the receipt, the buyer will then need to share the gift card details. Once you receive the details, click View card image to see the gift card or Copy code to use the code.


  1. After making sure the code is valid, release the crypto, and follow the next step.



If you run into an issue with the code, click Dispute and our moderators will investigate. Visit this article to learn how to start a dispute.


Using Automated Trade as a cryptocurrency buyer


  • Only one card can be used per trade. The card you have must match the value of your trade offer exactly.
  • Use a card in the same currency as stated in the offer terms.


1. On the offer page, click Submit gift cards.


2. Select your card type.


3. Next, upload a receipt for your gift card, by clicking Upload Receipt. This step is for physical cards only.



Make sure your gift card code is not visible on the receipt. The seller can easily cancel the trade after viewing this image. 


4.  Next, upload the image of your gift card by clicking Upload Image. This step is for physical cards only.


5. Next, enter the gift card code and click Add Card.


6. When you’re ready, click Start Trade Now.



  • Once you've added the card, you can click Delete card to submit a different card, and Back to offer to return to the offer page.
  1. Once the trade has started, you can share the receipt with the seller.



  • If the seller rejects the trade, the trade will be canceled.
  1. Once the seller accepts the receipt, you can share the gift card. From there, the trade will automatically be marked as Paid. The seller should then check the gift card and release the crypto to your wallet. 



Frequently Asked Questions


What happens if the seller rejects my trade?
If this happens, the trade will be canceled. Don’t worry—your gift card information was not shared with the seller.
How many cards can I use during an automated trade?
Currently, you can use only one card per trade. An option to upload more than one card is coming soon.
The seller of cryptocurrency has used my code but hasn't released BTC. What to do?
If you think that your code has been redeemed, don't click the Cancel button! If the trade has been canceled, contact our Support with a short description of the situation and the trade ID.
I have uploaded a card but I want to remove it from my trade. What do I need to do?
On step 4 of the trade flow (Provide card code and value), click Delete Card, and your card will be safely removed from a trade.

See our article about gift card trades specifics. Also, check our guide on how to create an offer to sell cryptocurrency and our tips to buy cryptocurrency, in case if you want to buy cryptocurrency.

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