Trade status

Trade statuses determine the progress of your trades. 

Each trade on Paxful may have a different status. You can see the exact status of your trades from your dashboard. There are eight statuses your trade could possibly have:

Active funded – a trade has started, and funds have been transferred from the bitcoin seller’s wallet into trade escrow.

Paid – a buyer has marked the trade as paid. It means that a buyer of bitcoin is sure that he has made the payment and has actually clicked the Paid button.

Expired – every trade has a payment window for a buyer to make a payment. When a trade is funded, but a buyer failed to mark a trade as paid, the payment window expires. This status means that a trade has been cancelled.

Cancelled – a buyer or a seller has willingly cancelled a trade.

Dispute open – a buyer or a seller has opened a dispute.

Successful – a seller of bitcoin has released funds from the trade escrow to the buyer’s wallet.

Awarded seller – a dispute has taken place, and bitcoin was awarded to the seller of bitcoin.

Awarded buyer – a dispute has taken place, and bitcoin was awarded to the buyer of bitcoin.

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