Bitcoins withdrawal

 Sending bitcoins out is extremely easy on Paxful.

Bitcoin withdrawals and making payments can be done at any time.

First step is to go to your Paxful wallet and then click on the “SEND BITCOIN” button. A pop up should then come out containing fields of the next step.

The first thing you’ll see is your available balance at the top, so make sure not to exceed that limit as the sending will not push through. Set the amount of bitcoin you’re sending out (note that the currency shown depends on your preferred and local currency). Under “Bitcoin amount”, you can see an option to show the amount in your local currency rather than bitcoins. You can keep clicking it to change it. You’ll then want to get the address of the person you’re sending to and then paste it on the “To bitcoin address” field. You will then need to input your password and you should be ready to confirm and send out those bitcoins.  


Please note that if you are sending bitcoins out of Paxful wallet the miner’s fee will be deducted from the wallet balance.

It is important that you review all the details of the send out carefully because if you make a mistake, you’ll never be able to get your bitcoin back. Bitcoin is irreversible, so be extra careful so you don’t make any mistakes.

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