My public profile

Your public profile contains a summary of your account and your Paxful account’s history.

Remember that your public profile is open to other Paxful users to check. With your public profile, other users would be able to see your:

  • Username
  • Profile picture
  • Verification - information if your email and/or phone is verified, information if you were verified as seller.
  • Reputation - a number of positive, negative, and neutral feedback.
  • Active offers
  • Number of trade partners
  • Trade volume (how much BTC you’ve traded on Paxful)
  • Number of users that trust you
  • Number of users that have blocked you

Along with that, your public profile will also show the date you joined Paxful. As you can see, your public profile will contain all the credentials you have earned on Paxful and will help other users decide if you are a safe trade partner.

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