Your dashboard is the hub for all your bitcoin trading needs.

The dashboard is your personalized tool for accessing all the information you need. There are 4 different types of dashboards, each having their own specific uses:

Classic Dashboard

This is the general/default dashboard where you’ll see your active trades, shortcuts for buying and selling bitcoins, two-factor authentication, and help pages. On this dashboard, you can also create and edit your offers, see your past trades, see the overview of your affiliates, and account activity.

Vendor Dashboard

On a vendor dashboard, you’ll be able to see your active trades, an overview of your affiliates, your sales charts, offer stats, feature requests, cancelled trade surveys results, and you’ll even be able to create and edit offers here. You can also verify your account further on this dashboard. This dashboard is useful when you want to see the statuses of all your trades.

Merchant Dashboard

This dashboard exclusively applies to users who are using the “Pay with Paxful” feature (sign up for this feature here). The Merchant Dashboard is where merchants can see their sales for today, yesterday, the last 7 days, and last 28 days. This dashboard will also show all the transactions that took place during using their merchant link.

Affiliate Dashboard

In a way, this is like the merchant dashboard but the dashboard is for the affiliate sales. This dashboard becomes available to you as soon as you sign up for Paxful’s affiliate program. On this dashboard, you can get your affiliate link to suggest your friends and colleagues to trade on Paxful. You also get to see all your affiliates and all the money you’ve earned from them completing trades.

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