Is buying bitcoins instant?

Buying bitcoin on Paxful is easy and profitable. Paxful is one of the safest and easiest to use peer-to-peer marketplace out there. 

It can be said that most bitcoin trades are instant. The duration of the trade depends on the payment method and the availability of the vendor.

The time it takes for the trade to be completed depends on the efficiency of the chosen payment method. Some take longer than others due to the verifications needed between the buyer and the seller.

Vendors will also have their own offer terms that will affect the transaction time. What they will ask as specific conditions, will depend on the vendor, and may take time to fulfill on the buyer's side. Some vendors will specify if one needs to wait before they can transfer the bitcoin into one's wallet or account. Some payment methods are quicker than others so make sure to read all about them before the trade is confirmed. For example, bank transfers are often faster than any other payment options, while using gift cards may take a lot of time for several verifications and confirmations. In these cases, the speed of the transaction directly depends on the seller (plus the terms of the seller and the payment method).

To buy bitcoin instantly, one needs to read the terms of the chosen vendor to ensure that the deal matches the need of the buyer. The buyer has to choose the trade that suits their preference before finalizing any trades to get their bitcoin in no time.

One way to shorten the time of the transaction is to chat directly with the seller. Vendors will often reply to inquiries directly, saving both the buyer and the vendor some time. This way, the buyer can directly ask the vendor what is the fastest way to get the bitcoins that the buyer is planning to buy. Please be aware that communication between the vendor and the buyer must be inside the Paxful trade chat. In case the buyer disagrees with the vendor terms, the trade needs to be canceled.

To buy bitcoin fast, make sure to choose a payment method that can be used easily and that will not take much time. Secondly, check the terms and conditions of the vendor. If the terms are clearly stated on their offer, you can estimate the duration of the whole transaction right away.

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