What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an online currency that can be sent to anywhere in the world using the internet, just like sending an email.

To send or receive bitcoin, you’re going to need a bitcoin wallet. A bitcoin wallet is your very own online wallet where you can store all your hard-earned bitcoin. When you join Paxful, you get a safe, free and super simple to use bitcoin wallet. The Paxful bitcoin wallet works with every other wallet. With every bitcoin wallet comes a wallet address. You can send your wallet address to people and they, in turn, can send bitcoin to your wallet. With your very own wallet, you can send, receive, and store bitcoin. You can also see all transactions just like your online banking.

You can also use bitcoin to buy things online from stores that accept it as a payment method. Ever since its invention, there have been more and more businesses that accept bitcoin as payment so go try your luck, and the store you’re looking at might accept bitcoin. Imagine the convenience of doing all your business transactions online using a safe and reliable wallet like Paxful’s.

The most challenging part of bitcoin is getting your first bitcoin. This may be even harder for you if you don’t have a bank account. Luckily, Paxful accepts over 300 methods of payment so look through them and see which one works best for you. At Paxful, you buy bitcoin from Paxful vendors which are people who sell their bitcoin at a profit. This is because they accept many different forms of payments like gift cards, Western Union, bank transfers, and much more. Getting your hand on some bitcoin has never been this easy! When you decide on a way to pay and find a good deal, then follow the instructions the vendor gives you and you will have bitcoin to your wallet in minutes.

Once you’ve got your first bitcoin, be sure to secure your account with activating our 2-Factor Authentication or better yet, use Google Authenticator for a much more secure experience. With those in your hand, you are ready to bask in the glory of peer-to-peer finance!

Paxful provides a safe marketplace where you can buy and sell bitcoin using over 300 payment methods! Read more about how to use our platform and keep on trading using Paxful!

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