Paxful bond for gift card trades

Paxful bond is for the vendors who trade bitcoins for gift cards.

A bond is like a security deposit which borrows the funds for a defined period of time.

Every seller on Paxful who trade bitcoins using gift card offer is required to put up a bond to ensure the safety of a Paxful buyer. On Paxful, the required bond is 0.1 BTC. 

These are the rules for bonds:

  • Bonds are for gift card sales only. For other payment methods like cash deposits, online transfers, and debit/credit cards, bonds are not required.
  • If you don’t have enough BTC in your account to cover the bond, your offer will not be visible.
  • You can get your bond back 7 days after your last gift card trade.
  • You can issue a bond and get it back from your vendor dashboard.


Transfer and retrieve bond layout for Classic Dashboard:



Transfer and retrieve bond layout for Vendor Dashboard:





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