My offer is not publicly visible

There are requirements for your offers to be visible to other Paxful users. 

Minimum Wallet Amount

There needs to be at least 0.05 BTC in your wallet on top of the minimum amount in your offer for your offers to be visible. For example, you’ve created an offer for $100, it will only be visible if you have $100 + 0.05 BTC in your account. The amount is available to withdraw at any time from your wallet but once the balance goes below this, your offers will not be visible.

This works for both sell and buy offers.


bond is required for vendors to create gift card offers. It serves as protection for buyers from bad vendors maliciously taking their gift card codes. The minimum amount for a bond is 0.1 BTC. You can deposit the amount to your Paxful wallet. It is then reserved by Paxful and held until you decide to withdraw it and wish to no longer have gift card offer up. Note that there is a waiting period of 7 days after your last trade for gift cards for the bond to be released.


Here are a few rules/tips for bonds:

  • Bonds are only required for gift card sales. For other payment methods such as cash deposits, online transfers, and debit/credit cards, a bond is not required.
  • If you don’t have enough funds in your wallet to cover the transaction and bond, then your offer will not be visible.

You can deposit the bond and get it back via your Vendor Dashboard.

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