Buying bitcoin with Virtual Kiosk

If it’s your first time buying bitcoin from one of our partner websites such as xCrypto, Bitmart or Binance, you may want to know exactly what to expect from the trading process. This step-by-step guide aims to give you an overview of this process.

Before we begin, here’s a quick overview of the Paxful virtual kiosk.

Step 1 Buy bitcoin

  1. On Buy bitcoin page, enter the amount in AMOUNT field.
  2. Select the currency from the drop-down list on the right.
  3. Click Continue to proceed to the Authenticate step.



  • This step may start on a partner webpage. In this case, you will be navigated directly to the next step of our Kiosk.
  • Click Show in bitcoin to see how much you will get in BTC.
  • You can click Exit anytime you want to cancel the process.

Step 2 Authenticate

  1. Enter your email in the EMAIL field to register an account with Paxful. If you already have an account with us, enter your email and password to authenticate.
  2. After authentication, click Continue to go to the next step.


Note: You can skip this step if you have already completed the authentication before entering the Kiosk.

Step 3 Payment method

  1. Click a payment group tab to select your preferred payment group.

    You will be presented with the best offers based on the following criteria:

    • Best margin: offers with the most profitable markup, according to the current situation on our platform.
    • User is online: offers with most active users will appear in the list.
    • User is verified: offers from users, who passed our ID verification will be available.
    • Best reputation: offers from users with the highest positive feedback.

  2. Select a payment method with an offer from the list in the middle or click Continue. You will go directly to Step 5.


Note: If you click Continue, you will go directly to the highest offer on the list.

Step 4 Select offer

  1. To change the payment method click Change payment method link above the offer box. 
  2. Select the payment method from the appeared list.
  3. To select a new offer, under the current offer, click Select another offer button.
  4. Select a new offer from the drop-down list.
  5. Click Continue button to open the offer details.




Note: To change the payment group click back.png and go to Step 3.

Step 5 Confirm offer

  1. Read the offer terms carefully and select the checkbox if you agree with the terms. 
  2. Click Continue to start trading.




  • If your account is verified with Paxful, you will go directly to Step 7.
  • To change the offer, click the links Click here to find another offer, Change or back.png and you will go back to Step 4.

Step 6 Verification

Before starting a trade, it is important to go through a simple verification process.


  1. Enter your email in the EMAIL field.
  2. Click Verify. A verification code will be sent to your email address.
  3. Type the verification code in the EMAIL VERIFICATION CODE field.
  4. Enter a new password under CREATE PASSWORD.
  5. Click Continue to start the trade.




  1. Enter your valid phone number the PHONE NUMBER field.
  2. Click Verify. An SMS with a security code is sent to your phone number.
  3. Type the security code into the PHONE CONFIRMATION CODE field.
  4. Click Verify to start the trade.



Note: If your account and phone number are verified with Paxful, you will go directly to Step 7.

Step 7 Trade

  1. Share the necessary information with your trade partner in the chat window.
  2. Click PAID once you make the payment according to the offer terms and instructions. After this, your trade partner will release bitcoin into your wallet.




  • At any point in the process, depending on the available option, you can click Logout or Cancel if you do not want to continue.
  • During the trade, if you face any issues, you can click Report a problem or start a dispute to request assistance from our moderators.
  • After clicking PAID, if you do not receive your BTC, you can raise a dispute on the trade and our moderators will step in to help.

Important: If we detect any fraudulent activity during or after the trade, your account may be banned permanently from our platform.

See our page on buying bitcoin to learn more about our trade process. Here’s a video on how to dispute a trade. In case of any additional questions, our Support Team will be happy to assist you.



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