Getting new Bitcoin wallet address

When you sign up on Paxful, you get a free wallet. With that free wallet, you get a default Bitcoin address. However, to maximize privacy, you may need a new Bitcoin address each time you receive a deposit. This short guide will help you to understand how to generate additional wallet addresses in your Paxful account.

Step 1

Login to your account and click on “Wallet”.


Step 2

Click on “Get a new address”.


Please note:

- It is possible to generate a new address only if a previous address has been used: received BTC from a non Paxful wallet or ATM!

- Older deposit addresses will still work. 

Step 3

In a pop-up window, you will see a new address and QR-code. Copy them and use the way you want.


Useful tips:

- You can click on “Addresses” tab to check all your existing BTC addresses. 

- If you did not save your new QR-code, before receiving any external transactions to your new address, click on "Get a new address" and you will see it in the pop-up window.


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