Mobile Wallet: issues and solutions

How to buy and sell bitcoins using the app? 

In the tab "Wallet", there are "Buy" and "Spend" buttons which open a Paxful web page where you can find offers to start a trade.

How to create offers? 

The app does not support creating offers at the moment. Please use Paxful website for this purpose.

How to view transaction history? 

The app is showing the last 20-60 transactions on the "Wallet" page, by clicking on one of them you will open detailed information about the transaction.

How to set up fingerprint? 

Fingerprint can be enabled on the "Account" tab in "Security" section:

  • iOS fingerprint option should be enabled on a device first. If fingerprint recognition fails more than 3 times - a pin will be required.
  • Android devices should support the fingerprint option and it should be activated in device settings. As standard, there is no limit for attempts. If the fingerprint scan is not working, just close the window and use a pin instead.

How to solve the sign-in issue?

Sign in issues:

  • There is an option on each password field to show the password. Please check if you are entering the right password.
  • Some issues might be because you use an old version of the app. System forces time to times to update to the latest versions, but still no 100% hit. Please open the app in the Play Market or in the Appstore and download the latest version.
  • Antibot-solutions that we use might block users if some suspicious activity was detected on device, network, region and etc. In case if you have tried all previous steps, please contact [email protected] for us to investigate your specific case.

How to solve an error with an incorrect balance number?

1. Update the mobile app to the latest available version.
2. Log out and log back in the app.

Is it possible to use Face ID?

Face ID is working only if you are not using the app for about 1 min or more (without closing the app). If you close the app, then a pin is required. If Face ID fails more than 3 times - a pin is required. Face ID is available for iOS devices only.

How can retailers of physical products sellers integrate the app to receive bitcoin from customers as a means of payment?

The latest versions of the app support Big21 and offer QR code for receiving BTC.

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