Unresponsive Trade Partner

Are you selling cryptocurrency and your buyer ends up not responding?

Don’t worry because as long as the buyer hasn’t clicked I have paid button your cryptocurrency will be freed from trade escrow once the trade expires. 

If the buyer clicks I have paid but you don’t receive any payment, you can ask the buyer to cancel the trade. If the buyer doesn’t cancel the trade, you can click Dispute. Once a dispute has started, give time to our moderators to look into the situation. 

Are you buying cryptocurrency and your seller ends up not responding?

If you have started a trade and a seller seems to be offline or doesn’t reply to you, the best you can do is cancel the trade and try your luck with the other seller. 

If a seller was responsive, approved the payment, and then became unresponsive, you need to click I have paid so that the trade doesn’t expire. If the trade expires, the seller gets his cryptocurrency back from the escrow. 

If you forgot to click I have paid button, but payment has been already done, it’ll be much harder to get your coins. In such a case please contact our Support.

See more information about disputes in our dedicated article.

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