Is my Paxful wallet secure?

Your Paxful wallet is just as secure as your password (so make sure that your password is a good one).

Not only are our servers very well guarded to the highest banking specifications, but as an additional layer of security, 2-factor extra protection can be enabled whenever you log into your account and when you send out bitcoins as a buyer or seller. We also support Google Authenticator, Authy, and SMS based 2-factors.

As long as we’re talking about security, beware of any phishing sites. ALWAYS make sure you are on before you enter any account details. Never give your account details to anybody. Paxful support will NEVER ask for your account password or one-time password. Note that Paxful has no Skype or Phone support. It is impossible for Paxful to take all the phishing websites down, so you, as a user, should learn how to protect yourself from any sort of scam.

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