Which of my offers will show up in public listings?

Determining what offers shown in the listing all depends on you and your preferences.

Only one of your offers of the same payment method will be shown to users in the offers page. It all goes into the price along with all the other criteria set by the buyers. However, if you go into your vendor dashboard, you’ll be able to see all of your offers.

For example, if you have 3 current offers:

  • The first has a price of $1000/BTC (only your trusted contacts can see)
  • The second has a price of $1200/BTC (most buyers can see)
  • The first has a price of $1300/BTC (all can see)

If a non-trusted user were to browse offers and stumble upon yours, then the first offer would not appear on the listing. If a trusted user were to browse offer and stumble upon yours, then only the first would appear.

The visibility of your offer mostly depends on you. There might be some cases where people have blocked you for some reason (those people won’t be able to see any of your offers at all) but the rest of the visibility options lies in your hands. Just ask yourself “Which users do I want my offer to be visible?” and you should be fine.

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