Creating offer to buy bitcoin

Want to purchase Bitcoin? Do you have money in the form of digital currency, cash, prepaid card or any other payment method? In order to set your own exchange rules and create a flow of trades, you need to create your own offers. This guide will give an overview of how to create an offer to buy bitcoins on Paxful. 

Before we start, make sure to create an account.

Warning: In order to create an offer, you need to be ID-verified.

Step 1

Login into your account. Click on “Create An Offer”.


Step 2 

Choose “Buy Bitcoin”. Now you will create an offer to attract Bitcoin vendors. This offer will appear in Sell Bitcoin section of our website. From our users’ perspective, they will use your Buy offer to sell their bitcoins.


Step 3

Select a payment method.


Here you need to choose what you want to buy Bitcoin with:

1. Select the payment group from the left box.
2. Choose the exact payment method from the list in the middle.

If you are not sure which group your payment method belongs to, you can also search for payment methods in the search bar. Simply start typing the name and an option will appear in the second list. If your payment method has been registered already, it will appear for you to select it.

Cannot find your payment method on our list - suggest it as a new one!

3. Choose the correct currency. Only one currency per offer is allowed. 

Please note: With bank transfers, it is important to insert the bank name and the country where your bank account is registered. This will help to avoid any misunderstandings with your potential trade partners.



Check if all details are correct and click “Next step” to proceed.


Step 4

Setting market rate and trade limits.


1. Choose how much you want to earn on each purchase.

Set a percentage according to the market price of Bitcoin and your personal trading intentions.

This percentage can be both negative and positive. You can read more about margin here.
You will see on the screen a clear explanation of how much you will earn according to the percentage selected.

Please note: Do not set a very low or high percentage to attract customers and negotiate the price within a trade. It is against our Terms of Service.

As a default, we offer a Bitcoin price which is average ask price between Coinbase, Bitstamp, Bitfinex. For more flexibility click on “Switch to advanced mode”.

2. Set offer trade limits.

Here you can choose how much Bitcoin in fiat currency you want to buy.

You can set a range or click on “Use exact amount” to set the sum you are interested in.
Once a trade is initiated, the exact trade equivalent in BTC will be moved into escrow.

3. Choose the offer time limit.

We appreciate the time of our users and provide an option to set a timeframe for Bitcoin buyers to complete the payment.

Please note: Some payment methods require you to have BTC on your balance to make your offer publicly visible. For example, Bank transfers need 0.02 BTC. It may be inconvenient if you want to earn your first bitcoins. However, this rule was created to protect our Bitcoin sellers from irresponsible users, who abused our platform. Thank you for your understanding.

Check if all details are correct and click “Next step” to proceed.


Step 5

Customize trade partner terms and instructions.


1. Choose offer tags.

Offer tags will appear close to the payment method name in the list of offers. It should be something which helps to personalize your offer, add additional information to it. Example: All bank transfers, Instant payment, Long term buyer needed.

2. Select the offer labels.

Offer labels will appear under the payment method type and your tag. You can select more than one label. Labels are used to draw attention to the most important specifics of your offer: no ID verification needed, quick release, receipt required and more.

Please note: For Bank Transfers the bank name is used instead, which you fill in on Step 3 form this guide.


3. Write offer terms for sellers.

This info will be shown publicly in your offer listing. It should have short and clear details: do you want a seller to provide a photo of his ID? Is any receipt or other document needed? Do you want the payment method to be processed in a specific manner? Will you require a considerable amount of time to process the payment? Check more info here.

4. Set trade instructions.

Trade instructions will be visible once a trade has started. This should be a clear step-by-step guide for your potential trade partner.

Click on “Advanced options” for some additional optional settings: 


1. Select a target country. 

You can choose a country where you would like to get your main traffic from. 

2. Set a verification filter for your trade partners.

Trading with verified users helps to avoid irresponsible traders. However, the number of your potential trades will be lower as some of the users want to keep their privacy online.

3. Adjust offer visibility.

Visibility can be set for your trusted users only. It is useful if you have a list of traders marked as trusted and you want to trade only within this group of people.

4. Minimum trades required.

This is useful when you want to trade only with experienced Paxful users. Set a minimum you consider valid for you.


5. Set a fiat limit for new accounts.

You can use this option not to risk big sums with users of a few trades and a low reputation.

6. Limitation by countries.

Now you can select users from which countries can see your offer and which will not have it visible. This is related to IP address and smart country detection.

7. Proxy/VPN limitations.

Finally, you can also choose whether to trade all users or avoid those with VPN and Anonymizer.

Check if all details are correct and click “Create offer” to proceed.


Please note:

  • You can always return to the previous step by clicking on “Previous step” button.
  • You can change and edit your offer later.
  • Offer cannot be changed once a trade has started.

Once your offer is created you can check it in your dashboard. Use Vendor dashboard to edit and manage your offers.


Now you are good to go. Wait for sellers to start trades. Be aware of our Terms of Service, tips and notifications. In case of any issues, feel free to involve our Customer Experience Team.

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