Trusted/Blocked list

Trusting and blocking users on Paxful is a way for you to filter who you do business with. 

Aside from the many other indicators that can help you decide which users are safe or not, you can trust and block users that you have had previous experiences with.

Trusting Users 

Trusting users is a good way to stay connected with buyers/sellers that you’ve had good experiences with. For example, if you constantly find that a user trades efficiently with you, you can then trust that person and his or her offers will be prioritized. When creating offers, there are also options where you can only show your offer to your trusted buyers.

Trusting is a way to make real connections with other traders but just like with real life, you have to be careful with who you trust on Paxful.

Blocking Users

If trusting users is the way to keep contact with good vendors/buyers, blocking is for the contrary. If you’ve had a bad experience trading with someone (e.g. it wasn’t as efficient as you’d hoped or someone ended up scamming you), you can block that person. If you block someone as a vendor, they will not be able to see your offers on their list. If you block someone as a buyer, you won’t be able to see their offers on your list.

Blocking is a way to separate the bad apples from the honest users.

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