Buying bitcoins with gift cards

Gift cards are one of the most popular payment methods on Paxful because it’s easy and simple to trade.

The first step to buying bitcoins with a Gift card (assuming you’ve already created an account) is to find someone to trade with on the offer list. When you click on “Buy Bitcoin” and fill out the necessary requirements, you should be taken to the offer list and find a gift card type that you want to exchange.

Go through each offer and carefully read the offer terms as these are short descriptions of what type of the gift card and other requirements vendor has. After you’ve chosen your ideal offer, you should be taken to the individual trade page where a more detailed set of instructions should be given. Just remember to follow these instructions carefully and your trade should go smoothly. If you have any questions, feel free to ask the vendor and he or she will answer them. If at any point you start to feel uncomfortable or suspicious that the vendor you have chosen might cheat you, feel free to cancel the trade at any time.

After you’ve completed all the requirements and you have clicked “Mark as Paid”, all you have to do is to wait for the vendor to release the bitcoins from escrow and your trade will be complete. Remember to leave feedback on the vendor depending on how your interaction went.

And there you have it! That is how to buy bitcoins on Paxful with iTunes gift cards.   

Here are some tips for you to make sure that your trades are safe and easy:

  1. Most vendors only accept gift cards that have been bought with CASH, so be ready with a picture of the receipt, sometimes the image of packaging can be also required.
  2. Most vendors only accept gift cards that have a denomination PRINTED ON the card ($25, $50, $100). Many also do not go over a $100 gift card. Remember to read their offer terms and instructions carefully to make sure that you have the right kind of card.
  3. Make sure that your card picture is clear and readable, otherwise, vendors can refuse to accept this card
  4. You cannot sell a fraction of the card value. For example, if you have a $100 gift card, you can’t sell only $30 of that gift card. You have to sell the whole card value.
  5. ALWAYS read the offer terms before starting the trade and uploading details of the card.
  6. Make sure to click the “Mark as Paid” button AS SOON as you have uploaded all the vendor’s requirements. This will prevent the trade from expiring and it will prevent your card details from being stolen.
  7. Note that the brokering of gift cards is strictly prohibited and goes against the Paxful ToS. Brokering refers to buying the code of a gift card from someone else and then selling the code. You are only allowed to submit the codes from the cards you have bought yourself. After you sold the card and received your coins, you may not use this card by yourself anymore. If you are caught brokering or trying to sell used cards your account will be banned.

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