Watermarking images

Why Paxful watermarks images?

You may have noticed that all images uploaded in trade chat have a watermark with a trade number and our platform's name. This is a security measure, which prevents sensitive information – gift card codes, credit card numbers, document pictures, etc. from being used in fraudulent activities such as irresponsible re-selling or brokering. We want to prevent scammers from re-selling any gift card codes or abusing any other information which they manage to obtain on our platform.

When images are not watermarked?

There are also reasons for possessing a clear non-watermarked picture. One of those reasons, for example with gift cards, is to solve any questions with the gift card company. So how to get not watermarked images?

  1. The KYC/ID verification process should be completed and successfully confirmed.
  2. Images in the trade chat will then be shown without a watermark 24 hours after the bitcoin has been released.

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