Купить биткоины за BDT через Депозит наличными в банк — BKASH ROCKET NAGAD

  • требуется ID с фото
  • онлайн-платежи
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Комиссия Paxful
Лимиты покупки
1 000,00 BDT
30 000,00 BDT
курс продавца
646 566,47  BDT
Лимит времени question
30 мин

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Средняя скорость сделки: 3 мин

Payment by Bkash/Rocket/Nagad
All fee is yours

Important notice:
Bitcoin trading is strictly illegal in Bangladesh. Search google, you can find lot of arrest in last few months. So, you need to take all responsibility of trading here, you cannot blame me for anything regarding this to any authority. You are sending me trade request means you already agree to this disclaimer. I don't want to make money on someones ignorance.

I only sell after complete Identity verification of my customers. This is a one time process. The purpose of the verification is to keep you liable for the usage of bitcoin you purchased from me. I will not be responsible for your any illegal or anti-state activities using the bitcoin you purchased from me. Therefore, if you submit any forged or faked documents during the verification process, I reserved the right to report that to proper authorities

You will not regret for verification with me. I am able to provide you the lowest price in the market and the complete security if you are loyal to me and countrys law.
I maintain 10+ btc reserve in any moment, so you will never see I run out of bitcoin.

************I am a NRB Businessman residing permanently outside BD. No bd laws is applicable on me. So, no BD authorities need to reach me. Still I respect laws and never challenge any authorities. I never let anyone to use my services for illegal purposes knowingly in BD or in any other countries. I have no urgency to get income bypassing law and order. I am a sensible social being and I maintain my responsibilities for the society.

You can observe here that anyone selling in higher price than me are trading only with users I rejected to trade. I never trade with 3rd parties, foreign scammers who try to scam people, persons using proxy/vpn or anyone who try be anonymous for suspicious reasons. These rejected users don't mind any high price as they any how want to get bitcoin for their illegal purposes. So, those traders who are housing these rejected users can be definitely under the observation of law enforcement for their involvement in illegal transactions. You need to be cautious about this.

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  • Покупайте спокойно

    Как только вы получили биткоины,
    их можно мгновенно использовать: отправлять и тратить.

  • Безопасно и надежно

    Наша система безопасного хранения защищает вас:
    биткоины продавца удерживаются на счете хранения,
    а после завершения платежа
    переводятся на ваш кошелек.

  • Живой чат с продавцом

    После начала сделки вы будете
    общаться с продавцом в интерактивном чате.
    Ознакомьтесь с инструкциями
    продавца и задавайте ему вопросы.

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