Покупка (VISA Gift Card) за биткоины — upto 5x500

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Минимум 205 USD
Максимальная сделка 506 USD
За каждый проданный в биткоинах доллар вы получите $0.95
Курс: 9808.58 USD за биткоин (вы можете продать любую долю биткоина)

Быстрый обзор предложения

  • только физические карточкиPhysical cards only are accepted
  • верификация не требуетсяYou don't need to pass no kind of verification in order to complete the trade.
  • только наличныеPurchase or deposit must be made only with cash.

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Условия предложения от OpticBit Подсказки сообщества

Request Any Amount
Request amount is cash out of my pocket.

USD Amount in trade, is available amount on card.
Fee Out of my pocket.
paxful should be adding a feature to calculate this sometime.

Cards will only work for purchases in USA

I will goto the store and buy them with CASH.

I'm Likely near the store parking lot
Or at Home
If i'm home 10min drive

You May request I cancel Upto the point I say I've parked.

you will get the code, then an image with receipt and card.
then I mark paid.
(unless I'm running slow)

Card is yours once I've given info out.
If there is an issue contact card support.

All cards are Shredded ~24hrs after release

One Card Per Trade.
All cards are Shredded ~24hrs after release

One Card Per Trade.

~::Generic info Posted on All my ads::~

Best Times
mon-fri 9am-7pm
sat/sun 10a-2p
Extended Hrs 6a-11p
all times Pacific

By Starting this trade you agree:

Money you send and receive is obtained and used legally

No third parties.
No family, No Friends, No Co-workers
They need their own account.

No Haggling on the price.
No Haggling on the limits.

You are NOT in New York State.

Trade is for the advertised method only.
See other ads for other options.

Do NOT Start a large trade if you cant pay.
It Reserves coins making them unavailable to others
it may result in being blocked.

It is suggested you always involve a wallet with your own keys to send to/from pax and other sites

Keep in mind exchange rate differences and mining fees

Methods available:

Near by for quick trades Buy or Sell.
Buy/Sell: Cash in Las Vegas, Cash By Mail, AltCoins, StableCoins

I Buy BTC but do not sell

Cash Deposit
WF BoA Chase USBank

A little further away
Citi Bank, Shared Branch Credit Union
Other Banks in Las Vegas
Walmart, Costco

Gift cards
I only Buy with cash at a store.
I Don't accept them. Do NOT Ask
Shredded 7days after release.

These gift cards are available
NO iTunes

1 trade/day if it involves my account
$3k/person/day limit.

Do NOT start a trade for a loan
Try BTCPop so its ready if you need it.
you can earn interest too

Do not message on old closed trades
I won't see it.

If I don't respond in 5min notify me on keybase.


UPDATED 07/26/19

У покупателя есть 90 мин, чтобы внести оплату за биткоины, иначе система отменит сделку. Сделка не будет автоматически отменена, если покупатель отметит сделку как оплаченную. После этого покупателю нужно будет подождать, пока продавец выдаст биткоины.

Безопасное хранение

Наша система доверительного хранения защищает вас – биткоины продавца удерживаются на доверительном хранении. После завершения платежа биткоины будут выданы и переведены на ваш кошелек.

Мгновенное использование

Когда вы получите биткоины, то сможете пользоваться ими сразу же. Вы можете отправлять их или тратить без задержек.

Поддержка в чате

После начала сделки вы будете общаться с продавцом в живом чате. Прочтите инструкции, и задайте вопросы. Многие будут рады провести вас по всему процессу покупки.