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Максимальная сделка 200 USD
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Быстрый обзор предложения

  • только физические карточкиPhysical cards only are accepted
  • только наличныеPurchase or deposit must be made only with cash.

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Условия предложения от dingwenxiang Подсказки сообщества

Note: i need the invoice and the card picture are very clear and only few cards in that invoice, Whole receipt picture not just apart of it please ,when you take photo be carful!

No Scan or Copy
Code only start by AQ
Amazon Gift Card must be bought from the shop in US, paid with CASH, NOT DEBIT/CREDIT CARD.
Card code must beginning with AQ
IMPORTANT!!! We only accept cards purchased in USA within 48 hours

Your trade instruction: me your cash receipt and card approved receipt first (NO SCAN OR COPY)!
2. You must show me full and clear photos. Do NOT overlap the card or the receipt. Make sure that the four corners of the card and receipt are visible.
- Cash receipt and gift card number must match. I'll refuse to trade if the receipt and gift card don't match.
- The gift card and receipt pictures must be clearly visible.
- Note: if you send me wrong amount card or fake receipt whatever I redeem or not,I have right to commend you cancle the trade and go away (for example: receipt is showing 100usd,but when I redeem it was only 50) do not tell me open another trade for your problem card, I have fully right to refuse and commend you to cancle

3. Do NOT edit your card or receipt by PHOTOSHOP or any other tools.
4. You must own your card,no reseller no reseller!!!
5. I have right to refuse trade anytime. Please do not show me claim code before I request.
6. Make sure the card is NEW and never redeemed.I won't responsible for "Already redeemed to another account"
7. Write code Amazon gift card to me.
8. I will verify the card and release the coins if everything checks out. Once I redeem the code, the btc will be released immediately. For regular customers we offer a loyalty program and discounts!
After trading, please leave a positive feedback.

- I have the right to reject all trades that I think are risky!
- Don't waste my time, if you are a scammer with problematic card or not legit card code!
- All sales are final!

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У покупателя есть 30 мин, чтобы внести оплату за биткоины, иначе система отменит сделку. Сделка не будет автоматически отменена, если покупатель отметит сделку как оплаченную. После этого покупателю нужно будет подождать, пока продавец выдаст биткоины.

Безопасное хранение

Наша система доверительного хранения защищает вас – биткоины продавца удерживаются на доверительном хранении. После завершения платежа биткоины будут выданы и переведены на ваш кошелек.

Мгновенное использование

Когда вы получите биткоины, то сможете пользоваться ими сразу же. Вы можете отправлять их или тратить без задержек.

Поддержка в чате

После начала сделки вы будете общаться с продавцом в живом чате. Прочтите инструкции, и задайте вопросы. Многие будут рады провести вас по всему процессу покупки.

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