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500,00 USD
198,00 USD
курс продавца
9 669,16  USD
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200 мин

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American Krypto Bank, company located in the City of Doral, in the State of Florida.
We appreciate your exchange with us, then we will express the conditions and term for this negotiation:
1. The person who is making the exchange must be the owner of the account verified by (скрыто) and for this American Kryptos Bank will request the following requirements to prove it:
1.1 The Customer must send a photo of an official ID that can be: Driver's License, Work Permit, Passport,Identity Card.
1.2 Photograph with official ID (Selfie) Important note ¨ Photographs with dark glasses or hats will not be accepted, the entire face must be seen and with the official identification in his right hand without covering his face.
1.3 For your safety the client must follow us on social media
2. American Kryptos Bank will not accept transactions with users whose LocalBitcoin accounts are not verified.
3. American Kryptos Bank does not accept to open and operate transactions on behalf of third parties.
4. American Kryptos Bank does not accept payments made in: Check, cashier check, Money Order, Wire Transfer, ACH, (ONLY PAYMENT IN CASH)
5. All deposits must have the following written: (NO REFUNDS) ¨Cristinadlr¨ buy digital assets.
6. You need to send me the voucher by email:
7. If you reside in the state of New York, we can not accept the exchange due to the additional regulations required by Bit-License. Cancel please.
8. APPLICABLE LAW: The contract between the parties is made, governed by, and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida and the laws of The United States applicable therein, which shall be deemed to be the proper law hereof.
9. If we suspect any criminal activity (money laundering, terrorism, hamsters, etc), we will report it to the proper authorities.
10. Users with less than 30 trades completed or low reputation may need to wait 24 hours max for releasing the coins.
11. We reserve the right to decided with which who do trade.
12. We reserve the right to cancel the trade if the trader don´t follow we parameters.
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    Покупайте спокойно

    Как только вы получили биткоины,
    их можно мгновенно использовать: отправлять и тратить.

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    Безопасно и надежно

    Наша система безопасного хранения защищает вас:
    биткоины продавца удерживаются на счете хранения,
    а после завершения платежа
    переводятся на ваш кошелек.

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    Живой чат с продавцом

    После начала сделки вы будете
    общаться с продавцом в интерактивном чате.
    Ознакомьтесь с инструкциями
    продавца и задавайте ему вопросы.

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